What we do

How do you navigate the path to college? What is the best match for your student?
What about tuition assistance?

The questions don't end there, and the answers can be overwhelming. Pinpoint is here to help! Going to college is one of the most memorable, exciting events in a lifetime, and the journey should be too.

Pinpoint is not a traditional academic counseling service. We offer specialized, comprehensive services by partnering with our clients one-on-one to determine their unique talents, academic interests and life goals.

Specifically, here’s how we can help:

How do we guide students to become "college ready"? How can we create a successful college application?

Pinpoint provides the one-on-one guidance to assure that each student reaches his or her potential for college acceptance. Through the process, Pinpoint students are encouraged to:

However, if the college application does not properly reflect a student's efforts, some students run the risk of being passed over in the highly competitive application process. Without a doubt, the application essay is the most important "leg-up" available to the student. Although some colleges invite personal interviews, it is the written application that makes the first impression. Most students find the application essays daunting. Pinpoint helps each student approach the essays with confidence, energy and purpose, allowing students to make known their readiness to join the incoming class at the college of choice. This process of coaching for application essays requires extra time, thought and commitment, and we are ready to deliver.

When should we begin?

Clients sign on as early as a student's freshman year, but Pinpoint also works effectively with sophomores, juniors and seniors, both domestically and abroad.

Is it ever too early?

Some families begin scholastic preparations during their students' middle school years. We can help with the transition from middle school to high school by finding an institution that best meets your academic goals.

Let’s get started.

Contact Pinpoint for a complimentary introductory meeting with parent(s) and student. We'll work together to assess your needs and to Pinpoint your path. Call 231.620.5710 or email today.