How we helped

Pinpoint's commitment and passion is proven in its results. Our students have been accepted at prestigious colleges and universities around the country. A selection of these include:

Barnard College
Brown University
Butler University
Carleton College
Columbia University
Cooper Union
Cornell University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Kalamazoo College
Michigan State University
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Purdue University
Rice University
Savannah College of Art & Design
University of Michigan
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest University

Additionally, we have helped students secure merit funding, with per year offers ranging from $1,000 to over $45,000.

With successful college placements from Tufts University in Boston, to the University of New Brunswick in Canada, to the University of Santa Clara in California, Pinpoint is personal academic advising that works. But we'll let the satisfied students (and parents!) speak for themselves:

Domestic families…

"As a student, the college application process can seem daunting and unnerving. There are hundreds of incredible colleges and universities, each with their own distinct characteristics and personalities. Gretchen's guidance and advice made me feel confident that I was undoubtedly picking the right university for me. Throughout the whole process, I felt like Gretchen was enormously dedicated to my success. We worked long hours when necessary, we kept closely in touch, and she was always extremely accommodating to my schedule. Gretchen is truly a committed expert - she helped make my dream become a reality when I was accepted to my first choice school. I will always keep in contact with Gretchen, and I am excited for future students who get to work with her!"
–Max Lundmark
The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business Huntsman Program

"There is nothing better than having a knowledgable, experienced, caring third party to guide your son or daughter through the complex college application process. Gretchen did an outstanding job with our son, Maxwell, in helping him choose the best University given his goals and objectives. Her process creates a sense of ownership for the students and holds them accountable to important deadlines. Gretchen's college tour advice allowed us to learn much more about each institution than the standard "walking tour". She is a master at bringing out the very best in her students, enabling them to showcase their accomplishments in an intelligent way.
We could not have done it without her!"
–Mark & Karen Lundmark
Son accepted an offer from The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business - Huntsman Program

"Gretchen's knowledge and guidance were of immense value in assisting my son through a daunting college application process. He quite enjoyed the considerable time they spent together selecting the schools that would best fit him, offering guidance in creating meaningful essays, and assuring deadlines were met. My son was rewarded with acceptances to several very good universities, and we were all pleased with the process and the outcome."
–Rick Cover, MD
Son accepted an offer from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts

"Once we retained Gretchen's Pinpoint service the tension over deadlines and confusion over forms evaporated, and the process became joyful. She helped our son wade through the forms with ease. Rather than the process being a stressful ordeal, it became something he enjoyed – something he breezily conversed about with us. Our son and Gretchen also developed a strategy for his sports opportunities that helped him frame important decisions to ponder. He had homework. Although I am a teacher and could navigate this process with my child, I was able to focus more on the waning days with him around our house because of Gretchen's skills."
–Missi Yeomans
Son accepted an offer from Michigan State University where he is a member of the Spartan Track & Field team.

"College planning was overwhelming, and the attention of the college advisor at school was divided among over 200 people. I was a mess until Gretchen found me. Whether it was providing structure for my gap year or helping me polish my essays on her own time, Gretchen had the ability to break down this complex life decision into simple steps I could take one at a time. After the college application process anxiety dissolved, I was rewarded not only with acceptance into my school of choice, but also a lasting friendship with the person who made it possible."
Columbia University, New York

"Gretchen was able to demystify the college application process for my son, a process that I could not master with him. She began with brief meetings where she would consult with Carlos as he completed multiple application sections. Next came the essays followed by recommendation structuring. In other words, she did not overwhelm him and was able to let him understand and own the process for himself. I learned to trust him and his work with Gretchen, and they did not disappoint. Carlos and I were stuck and she 'unstuck' us."
Son accepted an offer from Jacksonville State University, Florida

"Pinpoint's Academic advising was very helpful as our two oldest daughters navigated the college admissions process. While our own research and visits provided a basic understanding of schools and requirements, having a trusted, knowledgeable and unbiased adviser to guide us was important. Gretchen and her team use their combined experience to pick up details in the research, selection and application process that one could easily overlook. Perhaps most important (to us anyway), they bring scheduled discipline to a process that can be trying for busy parents and students."
–Carl & Amy Ferguson

International families…

Without Gretchen, I would have gotten overwhelmed and lost in the American application process; the deadlines, the essays, the communication, everything. She helped us tremendously by making sure we were on top of what had to be done, by sending out reminders and demanding nothing but the best quality out of me. Not only did she take into account my schoolwork, she also placed a lot of emphasis on the individual, the character behind the grades, to ensure the university or college of choice would be a fit on a human level as well as an intellectual level. She knew, and still knows, the importance of preparing for college as it is also the preparation of adulthood. What I liked most, however, is that she guided me through the process instead of telling me what to do; that way, I could remain authentic while being extremely efficient. An advisor and a friend I could trust with everything.
–Sem Verbeek
University of the Pacific graduate from the Netherlands

"Our experience working with Gretchen was fantastic! She was knowledgeable, patient, responsive and very responsible. She has a big heart and indeed put her students best interest as her top priority. International students, in particular, would certainly benefit from Gretchen's service. Not only my daughter, but also many of my friends kids who were based in Shanghai, Taipei and Sydney, have received Gretchen's help on their college applications. We really appreciate all of the valuable advice from her!"
–Bill Gu and Judy Chen, Shanghai
Daughter is greatly succeeding at Cornell University

"Hello, Gretchen! I am taking interesting classes here at Simmons like biology, psychology and honors classes/seminars about education and democracy. I have one lovely roommate from the area of Boston. My tennis is great! The coach cares so much. I am happy here so far! Love, love you so much!"
Simmons College, Boston

"I was told years ago that my son would never be able to secure a basketball scholarship to a college in the U.S. Well, he is in his second year at Ithaca College, New York, with the sports scholarship that we wanted, thanks to Gretchen. Finding scholarships for your kids is not a kids' game. You need the guidance and support from someone who knows the way. Gretchen not only helped my son to get a scholarship but also was a guiding light for him to decide what to study. She got in touch with teachers and coaches, sent paperwork and videos and coordinated full trips to visit more than six college campuses complete with staff meetings. Thanks, Gretchen."
Son accepted an offer from Ithaca College, New York

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